Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jewelry Night, take 2!

Hi there! Last jewelry night at Beanberry coffee was slow, probably because it was vererans day. We are going to give it another go this Thursday, December 9th. Come to this great coffee place and hang out and do some shopping! I will have all of my holiday items and then some!

Beanberry Coffee is in Miller Place, NY on Rt 25.

You can see this:

and this:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is Mulryjewels for the holidays?

Here is where you can find Mulryjewels jewelry this holiday season:


Mulryjewels Etsy Store : E-store (Upcoming Feature!)

Long Island:

Luanne's Boutique in Merrick - Watches and Teardrops for Chordoma

Let's Accessorize in Merrick - Teardrops for Chordoma

Salvage Chic in Long Beach - New Winter line! One of a kind items. Spring line to come.

Elan Boutique in Smithtown - Entire line plus Holiday items!

Imagine Gallery in Port Jefferson - Rivoli line and selected items.

picture courtesy of
All About Accessories in Franklin Square and beyond!- New line and other selected items including holiday items! Selected items online as well.


Stoopher & Boots on the Upper West side- Selected Winter Line and holiday items!

Mistubi in Bed Stuy/ Clinton Hill, Brooklyn - Selected Winter Line and One-of-a-kind pieces.

Selected items may also be found at LeeLee's Valise

Happy Holidays to all! Thanks to everyone who has supported the Teardrops for Chordoma. Let's keep it going!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

When I learned how to make beaded watches I fell in love with them. The problem was that, out of the blue, they would stop working. I would take them to have their batteries replaced and the repair people would say "Just buy another watch face, its not even worth replacing the battery." This happened so often that I stopped making watches because I couldn't stand behind the product. I thought I would have to stop selling watches altogether, that is, until I found .

They explained to me that many craft watches have what is called a "Japanese movement" meaning that the insides are all made of plastic. The watches at are a Citizens Movement and made of metal on the inside. I decided to give it a try.

When I got them in the mail I noticed the difference right away. They were more sturdy, a bit heavier in a good way, and more substantial looking. The best thing was that they were even less expensive than the 'cheap-o' watches that I was getting in the craft stores! I started making watches again and people love them. Now I feel confident selling these to customers and knowing that they are not just attractive pieces of jewelry, but sturdy time pieces. I highly recommend them.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

We raised money for CHORDOMA!

This Past Friday my friends and I attended a Bowling event to honor the memory of Tyler Seaman, a recent graduate of Calhoun High School on Long Island, and younger brother of my friend Marley Jay. Tyler passed this past month of CHORDOMA, a relentless bone cancer that affects the area where the spine meets the skull. The message of the evening was that we wanted to remember Tyler as he lived and not as he suffered and passed. This is why they chose to have a Bowling event and not a Memorial Service.

Throughout the evening my friend Irene and I sold our Teardrop for CHORDOMA Necklaces. From those sales we were able to raise over $200 for the Chordoma Foundation!! I got the money order and will be sending it out tomorrow! I am so proud of the mulryjewels team and supporters who are supporting this effort and I hope that this is just a beginning and we can continue to bring awareness and support to this cause and perhaps some others.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Shop Local, Handmade, and NOT CRAZY this holiday

The midnight sales, the traffic, arguing people over the last bowling game for the Wii, Retail workers getting TRAMPLED at walmart....Really, shoppers? Really?

RELAX! The Handmade world is online and ready to help! The {NewNew} Etsy Street Team is a group of handmade artists and artisans from the New York City area (including Long Island, thank-you-very-much.) We are having a crazy Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Sale of our own.

These artists are seriously talented and the items can be personalized or made one of a kind! This way you know you are getting what you want. Sales are ranging from 10-30%off selected items and many have free shipping! Here is a list of the participating Members:

Adornments NYC - Jewelry
Amitown Creatures- Toys/Accessories
Alton Weekes - Cards
Aperture Agog- Artwork/photograpy
Art By Iris - Original Art
A Studio by the Sea - Handmade artglass beads and jewelry

Beadscarf - Jewelry and Accessories
Caja Jewelry - Jewelry

C Line Creations - Original Art, Cards and Accessories
Deborah Julian- Cards/Photos
Ellis Design- Hats and Accessories
Felt it - Felt accessories and apparel
Fine Artist - Original Art
Groundsel - Upcycled Handbags
Jantar - Jewelry
J Davis Studio - Jewelry
Journalistic Tendency - Hand-bound journals
K Batty- Stationary
Key Element- Jewelry
KimmChi - Women's apparel
Kim Last- Jewelry
Kipi- Artwork
Kitty Jones- Toys for Dogs & Cats
Knitting Guru- Accessories
Knock Knock Studio- Jewelry/accessories
L'Atelier des Bijoux - Jewelry
Lingua Nigra - Jewelry
Loella Medina - Jewelry
Luis Fernando - Jewelry
Meliannaa- Jewelry
Owliday Inn - Jewelry
OffTheMat - Yoga inspired beauty and lifestyle products
Panda With Cookie - Plush Toys
The Peach Tree- Jewelry
PepperSprouts - Housewares
Persuede- Jewelry
Projects By Carm- Toys/Accessories
Pria Vanda- Stationary
Pulp Sushi - Jewelry
Rose McKay Designs- Jewelry
Romi Ceramics- Ceramics
RosiRouge- Baby Items
Sans Map- Accessories
Stephanie Monroe- Toys / Accessories
SDV Designs- Jewelry
Webbedware - Jewelry
WarpeDesign - Cards + Paper housewares
Windows of Agate - Plush toys
Wish By Felicity - Jewelry

Check out these great deals and, of course, you can check out Mulryjewels too!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Jewelry for Charity

A Good friend of mine recently lost his younger brother to Chordoma. He was only 18. Chordoma is described by the Chordoma Foundation as "a primary malignant bone cancer that develops from remnants of embryonic notochord in the skull-base (head) and spine." In lamens terms it is a tragedy. There is no cure and no known sucessful treatment. Survival time is about 7 years. A Tragedy
I have no words to describe the situation and, frankly, it is not my story to tell.

In honor of the family I have designed this pendant:

The "Teardrop for Chordoma" will be sold in my etsy shop as well as my ustrendy store. The cost is $35 and between $15 and $20 of the purchase will go straight to the Chordoma Foundation. It will also be featured in select retail locations in the NY area.

Chordoma is not well known but it is just as tragic as any other cancer and there is no known treatment for it as it is a bone cancer. Please help by purchasing a Teardrop Necklace or donating to the Chordoma Foundation. Thanks to all supporters and happy holidays.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bad Events

Ok so, yeah, some events are going to be duds and you are not going to sell anything. Usually you don't take it personally and you chalk it up to experience and move on. Tonight I am feeling particularly hormonal about the event I just did. Mostly because I think that it was the planners fault and not just the way the cards fell.

This was a holiday sale in a very small venue that can fit about 60 people max. WHY were there 10 vendors? And WHY were almost half of them jewelry vendors??? At some point some responsibility should fall on the event planner to make sure that this event will actually bring in money for the vendors, especially if we PAID, yes, PAID to be there.

Don't get me wrong, I am all for sharing and having different styles suit different tastes. However, the sparse turnout at that the event left little room for Anyone to make money, let alone FOUR jewelry vendors. I was not the only one who didn't make a cent at selling jewelry. And, let's face it, handmade jewelry costs more than mass produced sparkly crap. oh yes, I said crap. I can't compete with that. I can't sell a big chunky bracelet for 15 dollars. Its just not going to happen. I am not willing to compromise in quality. My pieces are made with my heart and my time. They are (almost always) my original designs. That stuff takes time, and swarovski is not cheap.

I was told at the time of my "audition" for this event that I was the only handmade jewelry designer and there was one other with manufactured jewelry. If she told me that I would be up against the cheap stuff, the expensive stuff, and some other stuff, AND I had to pay a table fee that was pretty high for what it was. I probably would have stayed home, watched Grey's Anatomy, and had a pleasant evening. Instead I "auditioned" for the event, Spent time and money building inventory, worked on TV night, and was ignored most of the time. I just kept saying "Why am I here??".

I am surprised at my level of complaining here and I know I need to get over myself. I am not complaining, however, at the outcome of the night, so much as the fact that I was basically set up to fail and then charged for it. I learned that sometimes you have to walk away.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Update on Things

Ok, so I am over the worst of my nasty case of Strep Throat and I am no longer contagious! This means I can clean my whole apartemnt (...yay...) and get to work for the upcoming holiday sales. I am admittedly taking it slow this year due to audition season and the amoung of arias I have to work on. Also, I am giving up less of my weekends in the efforts to grow my vocal studio even more than it has been.

Having said that- Here is what is on the the Schedule: (with the blessing of my health holding up)

Thursday, November 11th- Jewelry Night at BEANBERRY Coffee house in Miller Place!
Thursday, Nov 18th- Holiday Sale at Raina's place in Woodbury.
Thursday, December 16th- Recital of Soprano, Lauren Phillips, at the
Hewlett- Woodmere library (featuring duets with me :)
Saturday, Dec 18th- Selling at the Hester Street Holiday Market
Thursday, December 23rd- 2nd Date at Hester St.

Throughout the holiday seasons my jewelry will be displayed at several events sponsored by ALL ABOUT ACCESSORIES. Denise, the owner, has an exquisite eye for jewelry, bags, belts, and all things accessory. She does private parties, retail displays in dress shops and hair salons, etc., and now has a FAB website: , a must-see.

Also look for my holiday line including snowflakes, holiday present pendants, etc., at Salvage Chic in Long Beach's East End, Elan Boutique in Smithtown, and Stoopher & Boots on Amsterdam at 79th st. in Manhattan!

Monday, October 25, 2010


WHEN: November 11th 7pm
WHERE: Beanberry Coffee and Yogurt in Miller Place, NY

The Beanberry is an adorable coffee house with couches and a laid back atmosphere. They have amazing flavored cappucinos as well as other speacialty coffee drinks, desserts, and frozen yogurt with full toppings menu! Its a great place to chill and not worry about spending a lot of money. Located right on Route 25 in Miller Place, they have live music and other activities every week.

November 4th will be our first Jewelry Night! There will be fun, holiday items, sale items, and Mulryjewels signatures. Anyone who mentions this blog will get a 10% discount on your first purchase!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Bon Voyage Sale at the Treasure Chest

Since June 5th, 2010, the {newnew}’s Treasure Chest, a summer pop-up store, has been an oasis of hidden gems from New York City’s wealth of talented artists and artisans. The rich history and classic architecture of the island has proven to be most inspiring to our contributors. Weather it is a specialty magnet from Lenny Mud, a biking-themed messenger bag from Groundsel, an “I love Governors
Island” T- shirt from Aperture Agog, or a necklace featuring local architecture from Citibitz, many of the items in the Treasure Chest
are designed with Governors Island as its main source of inspiration.

The Partnership of Governors Island with the {newnew} Etsy Street Team has proved to be overwhelmingly successful. All through the summer they have provided local shoppers and tourists alike with a unique shopping experience in which they can view and purchase all things handmade. These items include but are not limited to jewelry, clothing, original artwork, lampshades, pottery, house wares, and beauty products.

It’s almost time to say goodbye to summer, but ,on Governors Island,
the farewell is bittersweet. Along with the Island’s closing for the
season comes savings on your favorite handmade goods from the {newnews}’s Treasure Chest. On September 3rd through the 5th you can save 25% on the entire store of local artisan crafted items .

If Governors Island is your favorite summer getaway, you must stop by for
jewelry, clothing, handbags and more, inspired by its serenity,
history and style. If you’ve yet to take the short ferry ride to this
hidden oasis, this is the perfect time to say “bon voyage” to summer
and “hello” to 25% off the best New York area Etsy items.

This magical pop up store has made its home in Historical House 6B in
the Nolan Park section of Governors Island. On September 6th, 2010,
however, the {newnew} will bury its treasure for good, only to be
found on the etsy pages of its contributing artists. Come in and
shop while you still can, landlubbers.

About The {NewNew} Etsy Team

The {NewNew} is a group of independent handmade Etsy artists,
designers, makers and crafters in the Metro New York area who are devoted to fostering a creative and supportive environment among its members. The group encourages a spirit of camaraderie through craftsmanship and strives to help
its members achieve success on both a personal and professional level.
Members come from many different backgrounds and produce fine, handcrafted goods including clothing, home décor, jewelry, accessories, paper goods, bath and body products, and toys. Everything is designed and produced locally by the talented artists of The {NewNew}.

What is Etsy? is the world’s most vibrant handmade marketplace, offering
millions of unique items from sellers in more than 150 countries. We connect shoppers with independent creators and designers to find inspiring handmade goods, while providing artists and makers a platform on which to build their own

WHAT: Treasure Chest: A {NewNew} Etsy Team Pop-Up Shop on Governors Island

WHEN: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from June 5, 2010 until September 5, 2010.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mulryjewls featured in blog treasury

Let's See Etsy 's blog has an amazing treasury called "A Burst of Sunshine" and was nice enough to feature my crystal sun ball in it. Thanks so much! Please check out this amazing blog.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Voice Lessons on long island


I also know a great piano teacher and flute teacher. Comment for more info!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Mulryjewels on Stage

So, in June I was in the cast of Die Fledermaus with the Brooklyn Repertory Opera. It came out pretty good, if I do say so myself! Mulryjewels helped to "style" the event with some formal accessories from my Spring/Summer line. Here are some pics!

Here is Hilary Esqueda (who covered/played Sally) wearing the Rivoli Drop Earrings. Perfect Match!
Here are Lauren Phillips (Adele) wearing a whole set from the bridal collection, and ME wearing the empire earrings in Sea Foam Green.

More pics to come...

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birthday America!

Happy July 4th, everyone! I would love to show you a collage of my favorite July-4th-themed items from etsy! Here they are:

Handmade necklace by Mono Celebrates

Handmade bag by Mojo Spa Style

Handmade Headband by ElasIdeaDesigns

Red, white, and blue wire charms by Yoola

There are so many amazing, themed and non-themed items at , Etsy Rocks!

Monday, June 28, 2010

FREE Bracelet Workshop on Governors Island!

Learn to make this awesome Turks-head bracelet on Governors island for FREE. The orgnization "Yelp" has a special Summer Camp program that gives fun free stuff for New Yorkers to do this summer. Here is a pice of the article from Yelp's website:
Do you miss the days of summer camp?

We might not be tie-dying, and lanyards and pasta picture frames might not be in the cards, but the talented designers behind NYC's independent Etsy artists, The NewNew will be hosting a crafty afternoon session of DIY handmade fun! We'll be making Turk's Head Knot Jewelry, also known as Sailor Bracelets: http://www.beadinggem....

And even if you don't feel particularly crafty, come through with games, frisbees, picnic supplies or anything else, and hang out!

Take the FREE Governors Island Ferry departing every half hour from the Battery Maritime Building located at 10 South Street, adjacent to the Staten Island Ferry in Lower Manhattan. And we'll see you there!

The first 10 people to show up and get crafty will receive exclusive, limited edition Yelp Summer Camp t-shirts!

Check out The NewNew here: http://thenewnew.blogs.../
And don't forget about Etsy:

Click HERE to read the article about it on

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Where to find Mulryjewels

Here is the Retail Count as of June, 2010

Stoopher & Boots: Upper West Side, Manhattan- Berry and Crystal Ball Necklaces, rings, and rivoli earrings

Lee Lee's Valise: Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn- Large Rivoli Earrings

Elan Boutique: Smithtown, Long Island- Entire Line

Frock: Long Beach, Long Island- Spring 2010 Line

Luanne's: Merrick, Long Island- Beaded Rivoli Line

Menagerie: Goodyear Arizona- Selected Crystal Ball line

...and of course online. Hopefully more to come this summer.

Stoopher and Boots

Stoopher and Boots is a new store on the Upper West side of Manhattan (Amsterdam between 78th and 79th St.) whose items are just as cute as its name. Sisters, Stephanie and Elizabeth, were given these nicknames, respectively, by their father. Seeing as how the store is filled with adorable items for babies, children, and adults alike, it is completely appropriate. Check out some of my favorite items from the store:

What started out as a simple etsy shop has turned into a "brick & mortar" filled with the whimsical, fun, and funny.

Here's the best part (for me, anyway): Stoopher and Boots will now carry selected Mulryjewels items!

Check them out online or in person!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

First Sales at GI!

So, I'm not sure which items yet, but I sold my first 2 items on Governors Island this past weekend! I suspect that it was a rivoli ring and a crystal ball necklace (pictured below). I don't actually work there until July but I want to go visit this weekend if I can find the time. The house is great and it is a really great day trip from NYC. Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Governor's Island is WHERE its at!

So, I visited the {newnew} street team's House on Governor's Island this afternoon. In a word: WOW. This house is amazing. The jewelry is set up like any chic NYC "Brick & Mortar" boutique.

The shop, located at House 6B in Nolan Park, Governors Island, has somewhat of a nautical theme, calling itself the etsy {newnew} "Treasure Chest" and all of the catalogues, press releases, and other promo material is amazingly designed like old treasure maps. This was a genius idea and the house looks fun, inviting, and chock-full of amazing products.

Click here to take a look at the Ferry Schedule. There are ferries from Manhattan and Brooklyn.

The island itself is an old military base and the buildings all look uniform and historical. It is like a journey to another part of the country in one 8 minute boat ride. It is tranquil and covered in green grass and shady trees. The island was closed for years and recently reopened to the public. Ther are art exhibits, food vendors, activities for kids, shopping (that's where we come in), and even theatre pieces being developed there this summer. I am so excited to be a part of this. Find out some more interesting stuff here.

Watch the ABC 7 News story here!!!

Governors island opens tomorrow, June 5th. This weekend Etsy's {newnew} street team will be virtually all over the city at various fairs. Look for us (though not me, I will be in rehearsals all weekend) at the Renegade Craft Faire in Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Flea (ooh, fish tacos, yum) at Fort Green and at the Bank at 1 Hanson Pl., the Hester St. Market downtown, The Brooklyn Indie Market , and the Fulton Stall Market at South Street Seaport!

Its a beautiful day to support local artists! Thanks, everyone!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Crafts in Chelsea

What a great street fair! Everything on 21st st. between 9th and 8th ave's was handmade and original works of art by local talent. No mass produced crap and no sneaky sales people. We had a great time...until the winds came.

I learned that whatever hollywood or the media, or pop culture says about New Yorkers being rude people is complete crap. My tent blew right into the street, Mary-Poppins-style, and 4 different people caught it and helped me take it down in the blustery wind. I also got help from my fellow {newnew}-ers when my jewelry started blowing into the middle of the street.

Even with the record-breaking winds I sold pretty well and there was no rain. I am so proud to be a part of a team that can pull together for this kind of awesome event. Thanks to Lorrie from Lenny Mud for organizing this event. We even managed to raise money for a local Public School!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

$500 Worth of Giveaways!

Wow! This is the biggest giveaway EVER from the {newnew} etsy street team! This is a group of fantastically talented designers. Giveaways are for everything from clothing, to jewelry, to soap, to pottery. New giveaway every day through Friday! Enter each day! Check it all out here at

Enter, spread the word, and Happy Winning!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks for the porn

So apparently people think they can comment with links to inappropriate asian websites and that's ok. Sorry

Monday, April 19, 2010

Shame on Sugarplum

(Since I just did a glowing review of a store, I would like to continue these. Here is my next one....)

During tax time we are forced to review all of our purchases for the year and re-evaluate their importance. It can cause a montage of memories of purchases past. This year, picking up the receipt from Sugar Plum in Lynbrook, NY, I took one look and started to get really annoyed.

Last spring I was lucky enough to get to sing with the Chelsea Opera. This was an amazing opportunity that required me to wear a gown. I thought nothing of this because I do own a couple of gowns. However, when it came time to pick a gown I realized that one did not fit me correctly anymore, and the the other was severely showing its age. I decided that, though I clearly can not afford it, I do need to buy a new gown for such occasions.

It seemed like fate that later that day I heard a commercial for Sugar Plum in Lynbrook. The big draw for me was that they touted their "plus-sizes on the rack." Being a plus-sized gal myself, I realize how difficult it can be to find things in my size without ordering it in advance. Very soon after I made the trip.

I figured this would be very easy: "I need a dress...Today! I am going to spend money here! Easy commission." I thought they would be thrilled and very helpful. The woman that was helping me,however, kept saying to me that they don't have much in the way of my size. First of all, "my size" is a 16, NOT a 24, and they advertise to have sizes 2-28. It was their big selling point. She had a very "Well, I'll show you what we have, but..." kind of attitude about the whole thing. As a girl of a bigger size I have heard this comment before, but usually not from stores that talk up their plus-size section.

As I interacted with her and tried on the measly selection that they did have I became increasingly disappointed, pressured that I may not find a dress, and actually apologetic for being the size that I am! I would hear her say "well, if you had let us know earlier we could have ordered this in your size." This is not the ideal shopping experience. The one great thing was that I ran into my Boss from my Summer job who was there buying a dress for an upcoming event. I knew SHE, who is very fashionable (size 6-8 TOPS) and a great lady, would at least be honest with me and keep my head in reality.

As we both tried on dresses I did eventually find a dress that fit and was not ugly on me. Here is the thing: after you have tried on things that are so wrong for your body and you find something that "fits and is not ugly" it starts to look pretty good to you. Thinking that this was my last hope I showed it to my boss and she say is was "good." Not great, but good. She was trying to tell me that I could do better. The dress was basically the same color as the Statue of Liberty (ick), which totally washed out my skin as I am very pale and need to wear saturated colors. It was also SATIN, which is super-unforgiving, even for skinny people!! The logical side of me would have never even tried that dress on, knowing these two facts. However I did need a dress for a concert later that week and felt like this was my last chance.

Feeling not-quite-right about this I told her that I would think on it and come back later that day. My boss agreed and said the same for HER dress, which looked amazing on her! This confused me but I let it go. I did later come back and buy the dress because I figured that a dress that fit was better than a dress that didn't. I spent over 200$ on this dress that was "not ugly" and since it was on sale it was a final sale dress. I later found out that my boss did not buy HER dress because she thought that the lady was so rude to ME and she didn't want to give them any business. Too bad I already did.

Well, there you have it. I took the dress to rehearsal, they said it was pretty but I could have found lots of dresses in my size at Davids Bridal. DUH. I went there and bought a much cheaper dress that looked stunning on me and ended up wearing that one for the concert. The "lady liberty" dress still hangs, unworn, in my closet, and I am still paying the credit card bill.
Here is me in the new gown:

Jewelry by Mulryjewels, of course.

I learned a very important and very expensive lesson: DON'T COMPROMISE. That is what Sugar Plum, however unintentionally, had me do. The sales lady could have been a lot more positive about the situation and I might not have written this blog. I do not want to slam this store as I have heard reviews of people having a good experience there. I, and my boss, were not two of them, though she would have had a great experience if she did not view My experience. I will not be going there for future dress needs. You are free to decide for yourself.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Heaven

So, as some of you know one of my favorite stores ever is the Plus-sized Vintage Boutique Re/Dress. They have fabulous vintage and modern-day clothes for the fuller woman. They also have an amazing selection of shoes and jewelry for all sizes of woman. Drag queens: I'm sure you already know about this store but if you dont- Go Check it Out!

Anyway, Re/Dress is responsible for my head-to-toe look here in the FABULOUS siging group the Boop Troupe:

Special thanks to Jofia for hair and make-up and SABRINA SHAPOLSKY for photography!

The best thing is that the whole look: dress, belt, and shoes, costs less than $75!

Located in lovely Carol Gardens, Brooklyn (where I would SO live), Re/Dress buys and sells plus-sized clothing and accessories. They also have the occasional plus-sized model search. Their prices are so reasonable and the people who work there are so nice and also very fabulous plus-sized beauties. I really didn't know that I could find vintage clothes in my size and now I am a total junkie. WORK!


So, in last months blogging I wrote about how this blog "won an award" for a featured blog and I put the thank yous and the links, etc. This week I got an email saying "we featured your blog and could you please put our link in your front page." That sounds reasonable so, as you can see I put "hp printer cartridges" in my "Special Thanks" section.

The next day I got the same email from a different printer company siting the same blog awards and asking me to put a link to THEM. Then TODAY I got the same email AGAIN asking me to link to Epsom printers. What is the deal?? So I guess every printer cartridge company ever made gave me an award and now I have to link all of them?? Obviously this is some kind of scam and I am not going to put a million links to a million different printer companies on this blog. The point of this blog is not for people to buy printers or cartridges. They can take their award right back!

Bloggers- if you get this "award" report it as spam, ok?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Featured Item for Spring

The colors of spring have been majorly inspiring me this season!

That is why, for Spring, I would like to feature the Crystal Ball! It is just a fun pop of color that can jazz up a great spring dress or a tank, jeans, and flipflops!

Beautiful as a simple but sparkly necklace. Also great as Earrings!

See more at Mulryjewels and enjoy the weather!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spring Giveaway from the {newnew}

Thanks to the {newnew} etsy Street Team for this next spring giveaway! You can win an amazig pillow by Alexandra Ferguson ($69 value!)

or a onesie from Felt it/Muppetloon

or an amazing mug from LennyMud.

Enter today! This only goes until April 6. GOOD LUCK!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Want to be Invited?

The Fabulous {newnew} Street Team of crafters from the NYC area is participating in the Governor's Island Summer Art Fair (among other things). We are getting a house! We are having a store front on the first floor and selling all of amazing wears made by our members.

Here's where YOU come in! Would you like to be invited to our Kickoff party?? If so please comment with your email address and I will make sure to get back to you with details! I need to have this done before april 1st so time is of the essence. Thanks

Monday, March 8, 2010

Giveaway for your help!


I am sponsoring a giveaway of a secret item of mulryjewels! This is in return for your comments.
could it be this?

...or this??

you wont know! I will let you choose, necklace, earrings, or ring.

Here are the rules:
This contest will expire on March 20th.
1.Please comment with the name of your Local Tourist town or shopping district or just one you know of. (1 entry each and you can name up to 5)
2.Comment with which piece or pieces this district or area would like and why. (1 entry)
3.Follow this blog (1 entry, please comment that you follow so I know)


Saturday, March 6, 2010

PROM/Spring Line 2010

The prom line is Here! It can be found only at Frock in Long Beach, NY. This line focuses on statement earrings that can compliment a formal dress or just dress up your jeans. There are also some great crystal beaded cuff bracelets that can be ordered in any color! Not to mention the new Vintage Button Rings!! Those are the biggest hit so far. Pics coming soon.