Thursday, April 8, 2010

Vintage Heaven

So, as some of you know one of my favorite stores ever is the Plus-sized Vintage Boutique Re/Dress. They have fabulous vintage and modern-day clothes for the fuller woman. They also have an amazing selection of shoes and jewelry for all sizes of woman. Drag queens: I'm sure you already know about this store but if you dont- Go Check it Out!

Anyway, Re/Dress is responsible for my head-to-toe look here in the FABULOUS siging group the Boop Troupe:

Special thanks to Jofia for hair and make-up and SABRINA SHAPOLSKY for photography!

The best thing is that the whole look: dress, belt, and shoes, costs less than $75!

Located in lovely Carol Gardens, Brooklyn (where I would SO live), Re/Dress buys and sells plus-sized clothing and accessories. They also have the occasional plus-sized model search. Their prices are so reasonable and the people who work there are so nice and also very fabulous plus-sized beauties. I really didn't know that I could find vintage clothes in my size and now I am a total junkie. WORK!

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