Thursday, April 8, 2010


So, in last months blogging I wrote about how this blog "won an award" for a featured blog and I put the thank yous and the links, etc. This week I got an email saying "we featured your blog and could you please put our link in your front page." That sounds reasonable so, as you can see I put "hp printer cartridges" in my "Special Thanks" section.

The next day I got the same email from a different printer company siting the same blog awards and asking me to put a link to THEM. Then TODAY I got the same email AGAIN asking me to link to Epsom printers. What is the deal?? So I guess every printer cartridge company ever made gave me an award and now I have to link all of them?? Obviously this is some kind of scam and I am not going to put a million links to a million different printer companies on this blog. The point of this blog is not for people to buy printers or cartridges. They can take their award right back!

Bloggers- if you get this "award" report it as spam, ok?

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