Saturday, November 27, 2010

We raised money for CHORDOMA!

This Past Friday my friends and I attended a Bowling event to honor the memory of Tyler Seaman, a recent graduate of Calhoun High School on Long Island, and younger brother of my friend Marley Jay. Tyler passed this past month of CHORDOMA, a relentless bone cancer that affects the area where the spine meets the skull. The message of the evening was that we wanted to remember Tyler as he lived and not as he suffered and passed. This is why they chose to have a Bowling event and not a Memorial Service.

Throughout the evening my friend Irene and I sold our Teardrop for CHORDOMA Necklaces. From those sales we were able to raise over $200 for the Chordoma Foundation!! I got the money order and will be sending it out tomorrow! I am so proud of the mulryjewels team and supporters who are supporting this effort and I hope that this is just a beginning and we can continue to bring awareness and support to this cause and perhaps some others.

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