Monday, November 22, 2010

Jewelry for Charity

A Good friend of mine recently lost his younger brother to Chordoma. He was only 18. Chordoma is described by the Chordoma Foundation as "a primary malignant bone cancer that develops from remnants of embryonic notochord in the skull-base (head) and spine." In lamens terms it is a tragedy. There is no cure and no known sucessful treatment. Survival time is about 7 years. A Tragedy
I have no words to describe the situation and, frankly, it is not my story to tell.

In honor of the family I have designed this pendant:

The "Teardrop for Chordoma" will be sold in my etsy shop as well as my ustrendy store. The cost is $35 and between $15 and $20 of the purchase will go straight to the Chordoma Foundation. It will also be featured in select retail locations in the NY area.

Chordoma is not well known but it is just as tragic as any other cancer and there is no known treatment for it as it is a bone cancer. Please help by purchasing a Teardrop Necklace or donating to the Chordoma Foundation. Thanks to all supporters and happy holidays.

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