Thursday, November 5, 2009

Long Time No See

Hello Gorgeous! So, yeah, I'm sorry that i have not updated this blog in a long time :( The truth is I have not really been able to find anything to say. Here is what's up in a nutshell:

Craft fair in mid October. Fairly successful but felt like mid DECEMBER. All of the Etsy Artists were amazing! It was great to meet everyone who i have been email and featuring in my treasuries. There is so much talent on the (newnew)team! My display table is pictured above.

Some Custom orders: A nice gift of a crystal ball and 2 birthstones. Also a custom bracelet

Upcoming giveaway on Tiger Lily's Blog along with a review. More to come on that.

Sold some items at Frock in Long Beach, Here is my display there:

Recently got back from Florida which was amazing/bizzare/frustrating/very important. I took a trip down to Worth Avenue and saw some very ritzy stores including Cartier, Michael Kors, and, of course, Tiffany's. It's basically a tropical madison avenue. Anyway, I got to talking to one of the Ladies who works at a boutique right on the strip and she really liked my stuff and asked me to send line sheets. I may not be as upscale as they would like, but I am going to try anyway! Lets cross out fingers.

I've made lots of boutique contacts and have not been able to follow up on any of them! It is really getting to be crunch time for the upcoming holiday season. I really need to get crackin! Wish me luck!!

I promise never to leave you for this long again ;)

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