Friday, December 18, 2009

Mulryjewels Goes National

Mulryjewels is in the process of adding 3 new locations to its roster of retail stores. Here they are:

Milieu Home Goods in Mamaronek, NY- They are a home goods store that is taking a chance on jewelry for the holidays! Here's hoping it works out!

Menagerie Boutique
in Goodyear Arizona - hello arizona! They are a brand new boutique and I hope that they have a fabulous start! Read the blog about them here.

And coming soon... Lovely Austin in Austin, Texas- helloooooo Texas! They are a well known couture consignemnt boutique in "lovely" Austin, Texas.

This is very exciting news and I hope for great things for each of these venues. Here is where else to find Mulryjewels:

Luanne's in Merrick, NY
Bliss in Merrick, NY
Elan Boutique in Smithtown, NY
Frock in Long Beach, NY
Tulips in NYC

and of course at


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