Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mulryjewels featured on MTV's MADE

The after-school show, MADE, on the MTV Network, is a show that inspires teens to break out of their shell as it proves to them that they can transcend their assigned teenage "role" as the geek, the jock, the drama queen, the cheerleader, or the outcast. Last week, the intimidating "tough girl" Ariana became a beautiful pageant girl in a GORGEOUS teal gown, but not without the help of MULRYJEWELS! Featured in her look is a Double Stranded Crystal Teardrop Necklace. Take a look:

Ariana handled herself with grace and poise as she showed the world, and, more importantly, herself, that she is beautiful and that she can be friendly, approachable, and let her inner beauty shine through. It sounds cheesy when I write it that way but it is a very inspiring show. I have become a fan. Check your local listings :D

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