Thursday, January 14, 2010

New January Giveaway!

Its that time again!
This time my giveaway is sponsored by Tiger Lily at She is a true fashionista from Indonesia and she is sponsoring this international giveaway.

This time the winner gets 20$ off of any item in my shop! US ships for free and international pays for shipping (only 5$ or so)

Here are the rules:
To ENTER (MANDATORY) : You must visit Mulry Jewels, take a look around at the store then come back here and tell me in a comment on Tiger Lily's post which one is your most favorite item - must be other than the necklace I got for review. (1 entry)

For Additional entry :

Follow Tigerlily's Book with Google Friend Connect (must be a visible follower). (2 entries) - put each entry in a separate comment box

Subscribe to Tiger Lily's Email subscription (find link on bottom sidebar of Tiger Lily's site) so you won't miss out on the giveaways again! (2 entries)

Blog about this giveaway with a link back here, leave the URL of your post in a NEW separate comment box. (2 entries)

Follow Tiger Lily as a Subscriber or Twitter (find links in sidebar) then in a NEW separate comment write your id or email. If you're already a follower then just tell me your id/email and which subscription are you using. Don't forget to write in separate comment box for each of your subscriptions. You can find all subscription links at the right side bar. (1 entry for each subscription)

Tweet about this giveaway and give Tiger Lily the link to your tweet. (1 entry)

Be a Follower or subscribe by email to my Fashion blog TwoThousandThings. If you're already a Follower or already subscribed by email please leave a comment telling me your id/email (must be a visible follower). (1 entry for each)

Enter Tiger Lily's other giveaways in this blog ("Current Giveaways" links are on the side bar) and tell me which giveaway did you enter. (1 entry for each giveaway you entered)

Buy any of Mulryjewels' products and tell me of Tiger Lily your name and what you bought . (7 entries)

Grab Tiger Lily's badge and post it in your blog's side bar (find the badge at the upper side of her side bar, just copy the html provided and paste it in your blog), don't forget to give me the link. (3 entries)

That might be a bit confusing but if you read HER blog it makes more sense. If any of these comments are posted to my blog by accident I will update it on hers.

Thanks and best of luck! You could win almost ANYTHING!

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